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Plain Iced Tiers

Ordering this cake

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Main type


12 inch
6 & 10 inch

Step 2 - Adjust to suit

12 inch

    Total Price: £136.50


    Plain Iced Tiers : 12 inch Round Fruit cake

    Using fresh flowers to decorate you cake can help keep the cost down while keeping the perfect finish of the cake that comes from having you cakes made and iced professionally.

    If you're a dab hand at making your own decorations but want to be free to enjoy the days before your wedding rather than tied to the kitchen icing the cakes, this option could be for you too.

    The cakes come in white or ivory, with the ribbon colour of your choice and as many tiers as you want.  Shown here with pillars, remember to order the pillars or divider of your choice seperately. If you can show us what dividers you want we will add this to your order.

    It may also be possible to ice a cake supplied by you but contact us to discuss this option.